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what would happen if I just

… posted these two pups…


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Batgirl (of Burnside)

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Brendan Monroe

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A tribute to chubby RBY-era Pikachu! This will be a print at SMASH!

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1000 Shadows Project by Herbert Baglione

This particular setting is in an abandoned psych ward. They they call to mind the tortured psyches that once inhabited these now-abandoned halls.

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Fantaisy Digital Paintings by Cyril Rolando

artist on tumblr

A clinical psychologist by day, Cyril Rolando (aka AquaSixio) spends his free time creating beautifully surreal, digital artwork that portray fantastic scenes and worlds.

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My brother donated blood in my place today, since I cannot donate.

Any gay or bisexual man that has had intimate contact with another man since 1977 is BANNED from donating blood, presumably due to the fear of blood-borne illnesses that are often falsely associated with the LGBT+ community.

Any and all blood donated is tested and screened thoroughly, so even if this ban held merit, it would serve no purpose.

The ban on gay blood is discriminatory and unnecessary.

End the stigma.

Ask the White House to lift this harmful ban by signing THIS PETITION.

For more information on the National Gay Blood Drive, check out THIS SITE.

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I just donated to Night Vale, you should too!

As many of you know, the cast of Welcome to Night Vale used their own money to fly out to DashCon, get hotels, etc. They were not paid therefore did not perform. Seeing as this is a free podcast, they make most of their money from doing live shows. Now would be an amazing time to donate or, if you can’t, signal boost!

Go here to donate.